About Us

Damaski.com is pleased to be your online destination for delicious traditional foods from the Middle East and the Levant.

Our Story

Damaski.com was founded on a passion for Middle Eastern cuisine, culture, and our hometown of Damascus, Syria which is where the name Damaski came from. We are a Syrian family that emigrated to the United States with the goal of making the people here acquainted with the kindness and abundance of our culture.

The decision to leave Damascus wasn't easy. It meant saying goodbye to vivid souks decorated with colorful spices and gatherings where generations shared culinary secrets over the aroma of freshly baked bread. Once we settled we wanted to share and remind people of the beauty of Middle Eastern and Levantine cuisine and culture.

vibrant market in damascus with people walking everywhere

What Inspires Us:

Our ideas derive from the endless hours we spend eating together as a family, enjoying classic foods that have been loved for generations. Our inspiration comes from recalling our mother's excellent foods and our grandmother's special spice combinations. What we really wanted to achieve was a dish with the same rich tapestry of colors, smells, and tastes that characterizes Middle Eastern cuisine.

Why Choose Damaski.com

  • Authenticity: We promise to always be honest. Our items are hand-picked to give you the most authentic taste of the Middle East and the Levant.
  • Quality: We guarantee high-quality work. We select only the finest ingredients and products that meet our standards
  • Diversity: Discover the many treasures of the Middle East and the Levant, from exotic spices and herbs to old-fashioned candies and nibbles.
  • Ease: We make it convenient for you to gain access to these gems by having them shipped directly to your house.

Our Goals

Our goal is to unite people of different backgrounds by introducing authentic Middle Eastern flavors into your home kitchen. We welcome the chance to share our culinary culture with you and yours since we think food is a language that can bridge cultural divides. Damaski.com is here to help you achieve your culinary goals, whether they be recreating the sensations you experienced on your travels, trying out new cuisines, or simply eating the food you know and love.

Come Along on Our Adventure:

Here at Damaski.com, we want to take you on a culinary adventure. Our mission is to bring you into our family's kitchen, where you may experience the warmth, love, and tradition of Middle Eastern and Levantine cuisine alongside us.

We appreciate you letting us share the history, cuisine, and hospitality of Damascus with you. Our desire to be of service to you is what drove us to get this far, and we hope to repay that debt in kind.

Founders Of Damaski.com